Friday, October 19, 2018

How to E-Mail a Professor

Template 1: 

Dear Dr. X

Expectation you are well. I am Y from Bangladesh. I have finished my B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Z in 2011. 

I was experiencing your exploration intrigue and felt that my examination in the field of "Control System" is all the more firmly identified with yours. I am determined to doing research in apply autonomy, installed framework and computational insight. 

At present I am locked in with my exploration group on - (ventures). Likewise I know about (give name of the hardware you know, for example, microcontroller, Matlab, Simulink and so forth.). 

I have one production, titled "- - - - - ". 
As of late I have finished two more works: 
1. - - - 
2. - - - 
I have accomplished - (embed in the event that you have any awesome accomplishment in exceptionally concise) 

My short profile is as underneath: 


GRE Score: 


Distributed Research Papers: 

Instructing Experience: 

(I have connected my CV for your kind survey) 

I would be very satisfied in the event that you acknowledge me as an examination understudy of your gathering. Much obliged to you for your chance, and I anticipate hearing over from you soon. 

Best Regards, 


Template 2:  

Dear Dr. Gong, 

Expectation you are doing incredible. I am keeping in touch with you as I am occupied with the exploration that is right now going ahead in your gathering. I was experiencing your exploration intrigue and felt that my examination in the field of "VLSI" exceptionally application level answers for creating power productive and dependable VLSI circuits and frameworks is all the more firmly identified with yours. At present, I am working with Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT) in Electronics, particularly the reconciliation of nano tubes into electronic gadgets. In parallel, I am likewise working with CMOS and Low power frameworks plan of high effective fundamental entryways in sub-threshold district. As of late one of my inquires about titled as "An Evolutionary Transition of Conventional nMOS VLSI to CMOS Considering Scaling, Low Power and Higher Mobility" has been acknowledged for production in American Journal of Engineering Research I will work with you on the off chance that I get conceded into MSc program at North Dakota State college. On the off chance that you will acknowledge any understudy into your specific lab for fall 2014, I'd be keen on hearing more about your lab and connecting with a portion of your present understudies. My short profile is as beneath: 

CGPA: 3.42 out of 4 (73.40%) 

GRE Score: Quantitative 158; Verbal: 143; Analytical Writing: 2.5 

IELTS: Overall 7 (Writing: 7; Speaking: 8) 

Globally Published Research Papers: 3 

Research Papers Under Review : 2 

Showing Experience: 2 years as an instructor in the dept of Electrical Engineering 

I might want to answer on the off chance that you have any further inquiries. 

Expressing gratitude toward you, 

Md Mobarok Hossain Rubel

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