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CANDIDATE NAME: Sharif Shahadat (Score 7.5)
Center Name: IDP

1. Speaking (7.5): Arrived at the exam center early. Gone through verification of my passport. After that, said hello to the examiner and entered the testing room. I was asked about some unexpected questions like -
  • What is your favorite color?
  • Which color you don't like to have on your wall in the house?
  • Tell me your closest friends favorite color?
But I tackled the questions normally and precisely. Like, I have never asked my friends about their favorite color. After that, I was given a topic to say something about. The topic was "The type of job you expect the most". I was talking continuously for 2 minutes. After that, examiner asked me some questions like -
  • Advantages and disadvantages of having a job in abroad
  • Why people are going abroad despite of the disadvantages
  • In the future, what type of job will be gone
Answered all the questions elaborately (2-3 sentences) and that's the end of the speaking test.

2. Listening (8.5): The strongest side for me. I am an English movie lover (mostly, comedy movie). So, it was really easy for me to understand English conversation. Just kept focusing and that's all.

3. Reading (7.0): A disaster. Yes, definitely a disaster. Because, I never thought that reading passage 1 will be so hard. Seriously, I was striving to get the answers for the passage 1. That took me almost 25 minutes. Then, the second passage was extremely easy than the first one. But, the last one, as expected, was hard again.

4. Writing (6.5): Task 1 was a bar chart. The main problem was that there wasn't any specific trend to write about. So, I couldn't summarize the chart. But tried my level best. Task 2 was an opinion essay. The question was -
  • Some people think that politicians have the greatest influence on the world. Others, however, believe that scientists have the greatest influence. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
Wrote introduction, discussed both views in 2nd and 3rd paragraph and then in the fourth paragraph summarized and gave my opinion.

Tips: Do not panic whatever comes to you. This will destroy your score (as it happened to me in the reading section). Expect the unexpected. Clear hesitations for the speaking part and never ever stop(long pause) talking. Be precise on the topic. For reading, give stress to TRUE, FALSE, NOT GIVEN questions. Final words, practice, practice and practice.

CANDIDATE NAME: Siam Rahman (Score 7)

1. Reading: Started by reading the questions and always tried to cope answering with time.

2. Writing: Followed different method of writing (charts,bars,graphs on part 1), in the part 2 just divided the paras and wrote in logical sequence tried to used different words and linking words.

3. Speaking: I was asked common questions and did well. Please try practicing to maintain speaking at least 2 minutes in different topics. In my speaking I was stopped but the examined gestured me to continue. And try to speak smartly and don't make answers with irrelevant information.

4. Listening: I thought I was really well prepared for it. Unfortunately, I didn't do well. For listening, part 1 it was hard because of accent. Part 2 was easy. Overall be 100% focused during the listening exam.

Note: So don't do only practice. Evaluate yourself after giving mock tests.Find out your weak points then just work hard to do well in your weak points.By the way, focus during the preparations. I took three days preparations and also went to British Council(it was waste of time).

CANDIDATE NAME: Sayeeda Tasneem Chowdhury (Score 8.5)
Center Name: IDP

1. Speaking (8.0): Being a debtor I was actually not nervous. That was an advantage. I had a lady as my moderator. She was really warm and this worked for me.After short introduction, the I was asked to chose a question, and it was :
"Do you think money or work environment is better for job satisfaction?"
With this we both started a chat over how difficult it is to balance out between the two factors, where at a point I said that "these are both branches of a tree and I want the whole tree"!!!This definitely worked magic. And through time the advantages and disadvantages of the different job sectors of Bangladesh came up and how I tackled certain difficulties that came my career and so on. Although speaking is my strongest point and I expected a little more, however, I was satisfied the moment I walked out of the door. To mention, my sister had I both took the exam on the same day, and the problem she faced was CONTINUATION of speaking. When the moderator asks you to talk, you should keep talking until he/she asks/gestures you to stop. It indicates your fluency.

2. Listening (8.0): This too was amazing for me. I always find it enjoyable to to sit for an unknown exam. However, here the trick is to pay TOTAL attention to what you hear. I suddenly lost track and I made three mistakes consecutively, and this cost me 1 band! Make sure you HEAR!

3. Reading (8.5): Reading was fun, because I had been a book-warm it helped me a lot. the passages were little tough but I guess the trick that worked for me was to read the questions prior to reading the passages. This way I knew what I had to look for.

4. Writing (8.5): Writing portion was great too. Task 1 was a bar chart. i had read somewhere that whether you are told what to write or not, while reading a chart, always make it concise, because people tend to get bored with the details. The later part was a discussion of Social networking site. I made a emotional story out of it :) Whatever you write, I think people always gets sentimental if you can share your daily lives where they can identify themselves in the story. It worked for me in O-level English exam as well. So I would say try it!

Tips: I would say "Don't expect to learn English in one day". You are what you are. A mere IELTS score is not your identity. We all learn from our mistakes. Read English newspaper DAILY, at least some part of it, watch English movies or news (anything that you find interesting) or even cricket matches! Do not get nervous. Face it!

Candidate Name: Shamina Saiyara Prova (Score: 7.5)
Center Name: British Council

1. Speaking (7.0): I found my speaking session good. Had a Bengali lady taking the test. She was nice, well behaved and made me comfortable in the setting. Started by asking some basic questions like whether i like painting and do i visit art galleries and so on. After which i was asked to tell something about team work for two minutes. She instructed me to continue talking until she asks me to stop. So it went fine also as i did not have to worry about time. Then she asked about the advantages of team work and do i still have contact with my team mates......but the last question was bad which made me nervous. She asked what more does a team work offer other than training, experience or social skills. I panicked and said resources that we obtained from varied sources....she again repeated the question saying that i should say sth other than people. But i stick with my words and tried to make her understand that i talking about the materials that we come up with.... So basically i don't know how it was actually at the end.

2. Listening (8): During my practice sessions i always found myself really good in listening. But in the actual exam it was bad. I reached the exam center 30 minutes late and so was in a panicked state. Tried a lot to concentrate but then again was shivering and losing track. In the 3rd section i was so lost that the entire section ended and i found myself sitting still with two more left to mark. The same happened with another question in section 4. But overall the listening was easy with no accent or vocabulary i am unfamiliar with.

3. Reading (8.5): Reading was my weakest part in practice sessions and it turned out to be the strongest in the main field. Probably it is because i practiced it so much but i give the entire credit to Allah cause i was so shaken at that time and He helped me by giving easy passages. The first two passages were super easy as i am a Pharmacy student. The 1st passage was about pesticide and the 2nd about scientist behavior. So i was familiar with both the topics. 3rd one was super hard about film industry, distributors and so on. My usual practice is to start with passage 1 to warm up and to do it as quickly as possible and then go directly to passage three skipping the 2nd and utilize the extra time there. Did the same in Exam. completed passage 1 in 15 minutes but passage 3 was so hard that i took me 25 minutes even then i was not done with one blank. Left that and stared doing passage 2 which by the grace of Allah turned out to be easy and i could even finish 2 minutes early.

4. Writing (6.5): I honestly don't know what went wrong here as i gave my best in this part. By the time writing stared i was settled and confident. Even the questions were easy. The 1st one was a Bar diagram of different types of activities that men and women do in their leisure time and the 2nd one was an argumentative essay about whether we should remove museums and art galleries as by computers these things can be substituted easily. Found both topics easy and even could complete on time but don't know what went wrong. Bad Luck.

Tip: please sit for a mock test. It will not only allow you to evaluate yourself but will also help boost self confidence. AND don't panic....nothing is gonna come to an end if this does not go well.

 Credit goes to Pbscu Admin

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