Friday, November 29, 2019

Top 1 skin care product Baebody Retinol Moisturizer Cream with Retinol

Top 1 skin care product Baebody Retinol Moisturizer Cream with Retinol

Baebody Retinol Moisturizer Cream with Retinol, Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E, 1.7 Ounces

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Coustomer Repote; 

I think the first thing you need to do is pull out the tiny rubber plastic piece. It’s in 
the middle of the pump where the hole is and discard it. I was confused about the
 pump too until I pulled out that piece with my nails. From there you just press 
the whole pump down and the lotion comes out the top. You don’t need to turn 
it upside down just push down and wipe the lotion off the surface.


I am 35.. i started with oil of olay when i was 18 because we have 
American Indian in us. So the wrinkles was only a matter of time! 
When i turned 25 i decided i wanted to up grade alittle. Ii started
 the neutrogena line. Wrinkle repair and i also started the clear pore 
line they have. Im just now goimg into the higher retinol. But very
 gradually. 2 times a week.
I had that same question while researching. You see all the different

 numbers and was confused. U dont wanna start out big because 
your skin is still young. And its still prod what it needs. Im not a
 pro by no means so im answering stickly because i had the question.
Start little..... u dont wanna start with high retinol now and once

 u get to the age that you really do need it ... its not gonna really
 work. And u dont want your skin to get lazy. Because if ur are 
already applling then it's not gonna produxe the natural chemicals
 and vitamins. And you want your body to make it's own as long as 
I am very thankful i had a mom and sister that cared enough to 

set me down and maje me start thinking about my skin and my 
appearance in the future. Because as teenagers.. tgat is the last 
thing on our minds. Im 35 and I complements daily and ppl 
actually argue that there is no way im over 20. Ive had to 
prove it. Honestly!
My advice get some oil of olay and apply it morning and night. 

Toner is a must! Never get harsh with your face no matter how 
bad u wanna scub or pick that 1 stubborn blackhead 😉😉😉 
exfoliating! And a eye cream to kerp thoes darn crows feer we 
ladies are know to develop. Moisturizer! moisturizer! Moisturizer!!!!
! Of course....if u don't need make up leave it alone. We are all 
naturally beutiful in our own way. Or else we would not be female.
 And i know there are times when make is wanted! Make sure you
 have plenty of moisturizer and wash it off as soon as possible!
Apologize.. because i went way out in left FEILD. But your question

 was rhe same one i had. And i wanted to share what i was taught 
and what i can say definitely has worked! You dont wanna have to
 use that strong stuff until its absolutely needed.

I have used this with all my other beauty products.
 I used hyraloric acid serum under at times and other
 times I have used retinol serum in combination with 
this moisturizer. Often times I use one in the morning 
and another at night to vary my routine and keep my 
skin soft and supple. Sorry to wait so long to answer 
you. Hope this helps with your question or that 
someone else gave you the answer you needed.


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